Desert Island Discs

A brand-new series of Desert Island Discs (Belvoir-Style) is running on alternate Sunday evening through this term.

A willing victim gets stranded on our (strangely well-equipped) desert island and gets to choose one book, one movie, one song and one verse to keep them company.

Click Here to join. (Passcode is belvoir)

Future dates are 21 Nov.

Watch previous episodes below

Harvest Appeal 21

Our Harvest Appeal this year is pants.

We are looking for new socks, pants, boxers, bras, vests, hats and gloves that can be distributed to refugees and asylum seekers by All Nations Ministries. All shapes and sizes, young and old, male and female.

Over the next few weeks you can “drop your pants” in the trolley in the foyer and we will gather them all up and pass them on to All Nations. Or if you would prefer to give a financial gift towards this just mark an envelope or bank transfer for “Harvest Appeal 21”.

You can find out more about All Nations Ministries here or talk to David Maganda or Helen Livingstone on Sunday.

Kid’s Gathering

Every Sunday.
At 11am.
In Belvoir Parish Hall.
For kids in preschool up to P7.
If you have any questions email

11-16s Gathering

Every Sunday at 7pm 11 to 16s are welcome to gather in Belvoir Parish Family Centre for a time of chat, games, and more.

Contact for more info.


Burgers and Bouncing

As part of our gatherings on Sunday 26 September we will grill some burgers (veggie option available) and do some bouncing (not at the same time).

Our Morning Gathering is at 11am (in church, on Facebook, in garden and in Family Centre) alongside our Family Gathering (in the hall) before we head out to the garden and carpark for food, chats and bouncing. There is no need to book in advance.

We would love you to join us.

Day of Prayer

Go before us, O Lord, in this and all our doings…

As we enter a new season we are setting a day aside to pray.

The church will be open from 7am and throughout the day there will scrolling prayers on the screens as well as prayer prompts in the garden and on Facebook.

We’ll be focussing our prayers on our parish in the morning. Asking God to recalibrate us for what is ahead.

In the afternoon, we will pray for our world.

Prayer Ministry will be available for anyone who wants prayer for themselves, their families or a situation from 10 to 11am and 7 to 8pm. This will all be confidential and you just need to turn up.

We will finish with a time of worship at 8pm followed by fireside chat and prayer.



A fortnightly gathering to share some lunch.

Next dates are

27 January

10, 24 February

10, 24 March

7 April