*** Covid-19 Update ***

Due to the current health restrictions we have decided to move all our services online during lockdown.

Keep up to date by checking our Facebook page and continue to check our website for updates.

At Belvoir, we are embracing Bubble life by creating self contained spaces within our buildings to allow gatherings of different shapes and sizes to meet in real life and to minimise any risk of Covid19 spreading.

We have 3 regular gatherings in our bubbles with other events coming soon.

* Wear a Mask (unless you cannot for medical reasons or are under 12 years old)
* Arrive on time (ideally no more than 30 minutes and no less than 5 minutes before start time)
* Keep your distance (try to maintain a distance of (at least) 2 metres from others at all times
* Do not come if you have symptoms or have to been told to self isolate
* Wrap Up. Windows and doors will be left open for ventilation so it may get chilly.

Click on the images below to learn more
about our upcoming Bubble events.

Lunch Bunch
Church Open for Prayer
Belvoir @ 10
Sunday Nights
The Family Picnic
Mid-week Worship