Holy Week – Wednesday

Each day of Holy Week has a theme to it. We will be interacting on our Facebook page throughout the week.

Holy Week – Monday

Each day of Holy Week has a theme to it. We will be interacting on our Facebook page throughout the week.


Holy Week

Each day of Holy Week has a theme to it. We will be interacting on our Facebook page throughout the week.

Daily schedule
9am Photo challenge – upload your photos to the post
6pm Daily Candle (possibly featuring your photos)
9pm Daily reading (on Facebook)

The videos will also be uploaded to our Youtube channel.

Youtube Channel

Did you know we have a YouTube channel now?

You’ll find Sunday Scattered and The Daily Candle there. Great for sharing with friends who don’t have Facebook.

Scattered Together

Scattered TogetherIntroduction to the situation – Why we are online only?

Last Wednesday (18th March) we received instructions form Church of Ireland Head Office, complying with the stuff we are all hearing from national government, that:
– All services and church meetings are to be suspended until further notice.
– Face to face conversations should only happen with “social distance”.
– Work from home if at all possible.
– Adhere to all publicised hygiene and health practices.
No matter how inconvenient all of this may be to any of us, it is always good to think of the people we may be protecting. Do it for them. We already live by such a principle – loving our neighbour. Now we get to do it all the time.
On Sunday we are going to try to connect together online. Not everyone will be able to do this, so we are also trying to get something through the letterbox of everyone who could read a written version of what we are doing. Janice and I will broadcast from the church at 11am. If I start to sing, you have to join in!!!!
To note:
▶️ Sundays at 11am will be live at https://belvoirparish.co.uk/live – the notes, chat and prayer will be available at the link. (It will be also be live streamed to our Facebook page too)
▶️ Each week the Prayer team will be available to pray with you. You can access this by clicking on the ‘Live Prayer’ button at https://belvoirparish.co.uk/live during the live stream.
▶️ The recording will be available after Sunday morning on both our website and Facebook. Feel free to share it.
▶️ Feel free to visit the live webpage before Sundays to have a wee nosy and ensure you can access it okay. We have a test video on the page.
▶️ Facebook and our website will continue to be updated on a regular bases.
▶️ More up to date info will be posted to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/belvoirparish and join our ‘Private’ Facebook Church Family Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/Belvoirchurchofireland.

Scattered Together

What is Scattered Together?

 “as salt is scattered”

As a large congregation we have built our sense of community and faith around being together on Sunday mornings for breakfast, worship, prayer, Bible study, catching up, music, art, flowers, inter-generational connecting, and welcoming newcomers.  What a lot to try to fit into one morning every week?

We may have to break some of this down into smaller chunks for a while, or perhaps wait for a future moment.  But Jesus talked often about us being a community that is scattered and dispersed as well as gathered.  We may be in a season for dispersed church.

On Sundays we will be able to worship together without necessarily being together.  Our tech team has come up with some great stuff which will improve as we get the hang of its potential.

This Sunday we will start at 11am on the dot.  There is a shock for some of you!!!!  Don’t worry, it can be watched later.  There is a button above and below that will take you to it.  We will take a half hour to read the Bible, listen to some music, pray together, think together about what God may be saying to us and catch up on news and things that we can do.  It will seem strange because it will be from our empty building.  More than ever, we need to be church that is people, people dispersed rather than people gathered.

There will be opportunity on your screen to engage in commenting, asking for prayer or praying.

I am nervous about all of this, but we are still going to give it a go.

We will be trying to get a script of Scattered Together to as many people as possible who are not online, so they can join in as well.  Other ways of joining in may become possible in time.


Here in Belvoir Church we are trying to…

RETHINK – what does it mean to be church since we can no longer gather in large groups and maybe not even in small groups.

REPLACE – we have decided not to cancel anything.  Rather we are going to try to replace what we did before, and even what we had planned, with other things that we can do.  I have already had a choir practice and a prayer meeting on my phone.  Mothering Sunday flowers will come to you rather than you come to them.  Wait till you see what we are doing on Sunday!

REVIEW – We have already seen the situation changing and arrangements for life having to be changed.  Let’s agree now that change is here to stay.  Let’s respond and adapt as we go along.

RENEW – one day things will be improving, and we will want to embrace what we have learned and become, rather than simply return to the way we were.  I may never go back to watching paint drying on my TV screen, now that I have realised how much I don’t need to watch it.

Anyway, let’s see how God works with us through these challenging days to create a new church and maybe even a new nation and world.


We have made the decision to suspend all gatherings and events until further notice following guidelines from the government and the Church of Ireland.

Lots more info will follow over the next few days and weeks as we explore new and creative ways to be the church in Belvoir when we can’t physically meet each other over this period through technology, creativity and other means.

We will be doing all we can to connect with everyone, especially those who are most vulnerable at this time so if you need to get in touch you can communicate with us by email office@belvoirparish.co.uk or ring 07782918860.