Introduction to Vestry 


Registration is open from now until Tuesday 23rd February for membership of the General Vestry. This is a key part of the governance of a parish. Those listed as members are entitled to vote at the Easter Vestry which is effectively the parish’s AGM.

If you are:
- over 18 yrs of age;
- and a subscriber to parish funds
- we would love you to consider playing your part in the life of the parish by becoming a member. 

To become a member you need to download, print, fill-in and return a Form of Declaration before Tuesday 23rd February. 

- If you live within the Parish, complete this form (link to in parish form).
- If you live outside the Parish, complete this form (link to outside parish form).
- If you don’t know if you live inside or outside the Parish or you aren’t sure if you are already registered as a member, just email

Keep up to date by checking our Facebook page and continue to check our website for updates.

What is the General Vestry?

General Vestry membership is open to anyone over 18 who is a subscriber to parish funds. 

It is the body that meets (usually annually) to agree the financial statements of the church and other reports. 

Members of the General Vestry are eligible to stand for election to Select Vestry, propose or second another member to be considered and to vote for the membership of the Select Vestry on an annual basis. 

What is the Select Vestry?

The Select Vestry is the body that is responsible for the governance of the parish. They are automatically registered as the trustees of the "charity" with the Charity Commission NI. 

The range of responsibilities of the Select Vestry include:
- being responsible for maintaining church property (church, halls, rectory, grounds) also known as the "glebe"
- Ensuring good governance in the areas of finance, GDPR, Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Human Resources and other policies and procedures relating to the ongoing work of the church.
- Appointing a treasurer and secretary of the vestry to be responsible for those areas of governance. 

The Select Vestry is made up of:
- 2 Church Wardens (one appointed by the Rector, one elected by the General Vestry)
- 2 Glebe Wardens (one appointed by the Rector, one elected by the General Vestry)
- Up to 12 members who are elected annually by the General Vestry

What are Wardens?

The Church and Glebe Wardens are members of the Select Vestry with particular responsibility for different areas of parish life. The specific responsibilities can vary depending on the needs and personnel but generally the Glebe Wardens are responsible for looking after the property (the "glebe") and the Church Wardens are responsible for assisting at the different gatherings of the church. 

Easter Vestry (the AGM)

The Easter Vestry (the church’s Annual General Meeting) is the opportunity for members of the General Vestry to receive, question and adopt reports from the Rector, Treasurer and others and to propose, second and elect members of the Select Vestry (1 Church Warden, 1 Glebe Warden and up to 12 members).

This year the Easter Vestry will be held on Sunday 18th April at 7pm in the Church Bubble. 

Triennial Years

Every 3 years the General Vestry elect 4 parochial nominators (and up to 4 reserves) and 4 diocesan synod representatives (and up to 4 reserves).

Parochial Nominators are the people who represent the parish at the Board of Nomination when a new Rector is to be appointed. 

Diocesan Synod Representatives are the parish reps at the annual diocesan synod and are eligible to stand for election and vote for various posts within the diocese and central church bodies. 

The next nominators and representatives will be nominated and elected at the Easter Vestry (AGM) in 2023.